Anonymous asked:

What about the woman who went back to a man that cheated on and beat her when she caught him ? is she not a woman too ? lol you wrote all that for nothing, you don't mean any of it you're just trying to get notes from the rest of the bitter delusional chrianna fans.. which is just sad and pathetic, i'll let you tell it tho. Bye !

omg-thatdopechic answered:

You may have a point…but it ain’t the best one. Because she still a woman in the fact that she not sitting around dealing with his BS. If you was Rice Cake….you honestly gon sit around and let him walk over you like you a welcome mat and its Sunday dinner?

I don’t think so. Being a fan of Rihanna and knowing her as a fan does I’m pretty sure she don’t like games and getting played with. That’s why they not together now. And Chris don’t like to be alone so he let’s Rice back in and she loving it cuz she getting money.. And getting fame.

*And a woman does not go on national TV clowns a two year old and then blames the TV show.

There is such a thing called “no…I won’t do this” but she wouldn’t know about that….her jaw too full.




And please…Chrianna is far from bitter. We are patient. We can see where this is going and why it’s going there. Nor is Chrianna delusional.  Just find me one interview or article where Christopher says “I love her with all my heart.”I’m in love with her.” “She’s my soulmate.” and then find an interview or article where Tran says “I Love him with all my heart.” “I’m in love with him”. “He’s my soulmate” and don’t come with that “Karrueche will always have my heart.” bull because we know that was done in retaliation.

Hell Oreos have my heart that doesn’t mean I’m in love with them. No one is denying that they are hanging out but you guys are trying to make it into the one thing you keep trying to mock. You want to see in them what the “world” saw in Chrianna. It’s not going to happen. One, he’s still in contact with his ex’s family…even taking picture and selfies. Two, his mother is still in contact with his ex…admitting that she still talks to her. Three, his mother is far from fond of tran and he is very much a mamma’s boy. Four, he’s still going to events he ‘knows’ his ex is at…on purpose. and Five he’s still painting murals that involve his ex…should I go on? 

Like is said earlier Chrianna is not bitter…Chrianna is patient. Waiting for the farce to end.

Oreos are the bomb doe. 😂😂😂😂

I did say they have my heart…lol!

"Oreos have my heart that doesn’t mean I’m in love with them. " I was done as soon as I read this.